Formatting Help for the PPC Posting Board

In posts on this Board, you can use a combination of Markdown and HTML to write your post.

The table below summarizes how to produce certain common types of formatting on the Board using both supported markup methods, where possible.

Bold text **Bold text** or __Bold text__ <b>Bold text</b> or <strong>Bold text</strong>
Italics *Italics* or _Italics_ <i>Italics</i> or <em>Italics</em>
Underlines <u>Underlines</u>
Links [Link text]( <a href="">Link text</a>
Images ![Alternate text]( <img src="">Link text</img> The alternate text is used by screen readers or when the image cannot be displayed.
Paragraphs A blank line between the paragraphs. There's no need to indent.
Strikethrough ~~Strikethrough~~ <del>Strikethrough</del>
Superscript Super^script Super<sup>script</sup>
Main heading # Main heading <h1>Main heading</h1>
Subheading ## Subheading <h2>Subheading</h2>
Bulleted list - Thing 1
- Thing 2
<li>Thing 1</li>
<li>Thing 2</li>
Markdown need at least one space after the dash and can use asterisks or pluses in place of dashes.
Numbered list 1. Thing 1
2. Thing 2
<li>Thing 1</li>
<li>Thing 2</li>
< &lt;
> &gt;
Horizontal rule *** <hr /> The markdown version needs to be on a line by itself.
Colorful text <font color="name or #RRGGBB">Colorful text</font>
Spoiler description [Spoiler description](#s "A spoiler") <a href="#s" title="A spoiler">Spoiler description</a>

In post subjects, you can use the HTML versions of bold and italics.