Subject: A translation of a particularly awful Sue's bio.
Posted on: 2021-06-05 09:33:25 UTC

I've recently come across a Mary Sue OC's bio in my native language, and thought it would be fun to share it here. I tried to stick as close to the original meaning as possible(including the suethor's incorrect grammar, incoherent sentences, and typos).

Yes, this is an existing OC bio written by an actual person. Yes, I spent a lot of time translating this thing, time that I should have spent on more productive activities, but oh well.

Strap in, everybody, this is going to be one hell of a ride.


“Even though everything depends on it, everyone wants love.” “I know. The thing held smally is not a mistaken thing but a fantasy made of happiness.”

The Ultimatum of Beauty.

[Jewels, Cherry blossoms, Dreams, Rabbits, Wounds, Spring, Strawberries, Toe shoes, Soft, Dazzling, Stardust]


Rurikawa Yume Love Lurina Sugar von Carter Rachel


L 🍓Child of Jewels, Rabbit, Monster Eyeballs, Princess sama, Candy Fairy, The Last Star, Swan, First Love, Raw Cream, Perfectionest, Yumekawa(Dream River)




Cis Female

Blood Type


Height 152.2cm

Weight 37.1kg

(Her BMI is 16.0, which is seriously underweight.)

Birthday July 15th

Birthday Flower Austrial Briar Rose Meaning: Loveliness

Personal Color Rose Quartz


Personality [Timid, Cute, Perfectionism, Logical, Shy, Hardworking, Unstable, Introverted, Delicate, Shy, Careful, Patient, Cool, Wise, Calm, Outstanding]

Her heart is pretty kind and soft. But it’s hard to show on the outside. She has a personality personality of small words and timid introverted. Mostly expressionless, she is pretty much a kuudere. She is shy. She doesn’t talk much, and finds it hard to talk first. Her focus in astounding. She has judgement abilities that is on the quick side and her ability to acquire skills is very fast and amazing. She can master skills every category except art(…), and shows a natural talents.

She is timid and quite emotional, contrary to belief. She is logical. She is a mild perfectionist, she gives a lot of attention to perfectionism because of her past. Everyone around her say that she is a perfect and ideal child. She has slight obsession with controlling her self. She was a nihilist. She has a bad habit personality that always thinks others before herself and always tries to carry all the not good things herself. Even though she can’t hide her emotions well, she can hide pain well. She gets comments that she is mature for her age. So be it because she tasted the wound of the back side early in life. Surprisingly, if you touch her family or close friends, she will get very angry and scream. Part of her personality is almost felt quite very scary because when sometimes when she makes a hollow, expressionless face, her face and eyes are quite empty, she herself has to consciously do it because it was part of her past’s upbringing. Her normal personality and her personality when she is angry is surprisingly different. So be it that is the Ruwikawa Family! Because it is very hard to make the girl seriously angry, that hardness will multiply and come back. If a furious girl simply merely looks at you, you might be engulfed in a fear and scare that you will never forget until you die. But should you only fear her when she is angry? Who said that. The most scary person is a person that normally doesn’t show anger.

Appearance The most beautiful person in-universe, officially. Her entire family is incredibly beautiful, and both her parents were highly praised beauties. She inherited all their superior and beautiful genes. Her beauty is unrealistic and far exceeds people’s imaginations, and is such that anyone that lays eyes on her appearance knows why they praised her appearance so.

A small, delicate, sharply defined facial features that reside on her small, egg-shaped face. A body and face of absolute golden ratio. The skin was white and soft and lively and almost transparent like white marble. The lovely blush around her cheeks and reddish glitter around her eyes that sparkled every time she blinks. Thin and long arms and legs and large jewel-like eyes, long eyelashes and a lips dyed lightly dry rose color even without colored makeup, straight hair that is shiny and soft like silk and seems to have a slight curl to it, words fail to describe her exquisite beauty. White hair with atmospheric pinkish hue that is indicative of her bloodline’s heritage, and her sharply defined heterochromic eyes(that are jewel eyes) can instantly explain to you how the girl has countless love letters and cocolatte baskets piled up high in front of her. The eyes are beautiful and sparkling and exotic like a ruby and a sapphire has been bored into her face(Right: red. Left: blue).

Her appearance can be described as Pretty, Cute, Lovely, but Yume’s appearance is more closer to beautiful.


Species Human

Likes Rurikawa Yuma(her brother), Ballet, Animals, Rabbits, All kinds of desserts, Strawberries, Strawberry milk, Fruit, Mint chocolate, Strawberry sandwiches, her pets, dolls, Cherry Blossom Tea, Sweet things!, Cute things, Puzzles, Shortcakes, Pretty things, Spring, Snow, Brunch, Light and lingering perfume, The night sky, Stars, Auroras, Accessories, Peach Jam, Candy, Soft things, Teatime, Black, Cherry blossoms, Pasta, Jewels, Comfy things, Clean things, Perfectness, Souffle pancakes, Sanrio characters

Dislikes Bugs, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Bitter things, Fear, Noises, Violent actions, Crime, Medicine, Hospitals, Injections, PE, Rude things, Abuse, Mistaking her age, Pain, Dizziness, Mockery, Cigarettes, her chronic illness, oppression, obsession, Restraints, Thunder, Loud noises, Society, Humanity, The human race, Pain, Ghosts, Her past, Collapsing, Her last school, Some of her nicknames, Wasting time because of indecision, Nightmares, Deep sleep, Yuma fighting

Hobbies Ballet, Baking, Puzzles, Chess, Diary decoration, Collecting dolls and other cute things, Watching movies, Riding longboards, Shopping

Specialties Ballet, Baking, Singing, Dancing, Various martial arts, etc, Fighting, Math, Intellect, Chess, Ability to acquire skills amazingly fast, etc

Weaknesses Rurikawa Yuma, Doing makeup, Art, Her past, Some nicknames, Some things

Illnesses PTSD, Depersonalization, Learned helplessness, OCD, Heart Disease

Religion None

Personal Motto If you are only dreaming, then it is a nightmare.

Child of the Stars and Jewels.

She is the second smallest in the class.

Her sealing mark is the central jewel in a shape of celestial bodies and stars.

She is an incredible beauty, both among other characters and officially in-universe(!)

She is used to England. She spend a quarter of her life in England.

The kanji in her name is quite unique. It uses the word in itself, almost never an occurance.

She has an iPhone 12 White.

She wears a heart meter on her wrist when she goes to trips or field trips.

She doesn’t eat much, and is picky about food. She often eats at the school store during lunchtime.

She always wears loose over-fitting tops.

She mostly goes around with candies or small chocolates in her school bag or wand compartments.

She is quite on the short side, but has a nice golden ratio(!) It seems that she is taller than her actual height.

She ties her hair in a ponytail during PE classes and summertime.

She eats a lot of snacks. (nowadays she gets scolded by the ballet teacher almost daily…)

If you watch her talk, really sometimes you can see that her way of talking is mixed with rough sounding male words. It’s probably because of her brother.

When it is too hot, her right eye also turns blue. When her emotions are aroused, her left eye turns red.

Even though you can’t see it well because her clothing sleeves are mostly long, she always wears a glove that has poking fingers(I think it means fingerless gloves?) on her right hand(because of trauma!)

She has a pet cat and a pet dog named Mame and Tofu. (Mame is the cat and Tofu is the dog, by the way.)

Even though I didn’t write in in her Specialties, the main instrument that defines and symbolizes her person is an electric guitar. She has many surprising qualities such as having riding board as a hobby, and being very good at playing the electric guitar.

She is very bad at drawing. She is also very bad at doing makeup. (…) It is the only weakness of Yume in the arts.

She is very smart, bright, and prodigy like. She is the top in her school.

She has a weak, unstable heart. She gets heart palpitations and takes medicine for it. She gets severe heart palpitations and sometimes feels pain.

Along with her heart, her body is also weak, she has orthostatic hypotension.

She is sickly…

She frequently visits the nurse’s office.

She takes antidepressants, and often wakes up to scattered pills all around the room and a night that she can’t remember.

She likes ballet, and is also good at ballet. Even though she is young, she is very highly praised in the ballet department.

She is picky about food and hates vegetables.

She got into a prestigious school in England at an early age, and developed trauma against society, she then got into another prestigious and nice school in Japan even though she didn't want to go.

She was abused and brutally beaten at home, and was always in bandages and bruises that marred her beautiful skin during childhood.

Sometimes her eyes turn into jewel eyes. But her normal heterochromic eyes also have a side that looks like jewels!

She always has a round, cute bunny face that is felt by others, but her eyeline and air change 180 degrees when she is angry or when her emotions are aroused.

She has nightmares quite often.

She is very popular within her school, to the point where people from other schools come after her. There are some kids that message her love letters and confessions(..)

She mostly calles girls ~chan and boys ~kun.

She has received countless idol suggestions and teenage model requests due to her immense beauty, but refused every one because she has severe trawma about society. Nowadays she has to cover her face with masks and hats.

She has a very good sense of fashion. (cute uwu)

Everyone around her constantly praise her amazing appearance.

She is good at eating spicy food, although she gets scared before eating them.

Yume is weak and is quite bad at physical things, but that’s because she hid her past while trying to forget it bit by bit. It is more close to describe it as forgotten… That’s the reason she gets physically strong whenever she remembers her past or gets aroused emotions.

She prefers to blindly beat up people and kill them, rather than using weapons.

She is prodigial at fighting, and knows all the names and numbers of various military weapons because her family is a long, prestigious soldier family.

Her magical weapon’s form is an (AR)assault rifle.

Yume still hears her father’s voice when she sleeps.

She falls asleep for a short time immediately after the battle is over. It’s because her combat abilities and magic are very strong, even among the highest ranked students.

Her teeth are quite sharp, but not to the point of being shark teeth.

Yume likes strawberry milk very much.

She is an impulsive buyer. She quickly buys everything that she likes. (This is because she has a lot of money.)

She wears a military uniform when going to heir gatherings. She wears a military uniform instead of a dress because her family’s official clothing is a military uniform.

She only shows emotions to her brother, and vice versa.

Aaaaand that was it! I hope you all enjoyed reading...err...trying to push through the walls of bad text. (P.S. One of the characters in my favorite shmup is named Yuma. I feel bad for the guy.)