Subject: "Oh, Riso?"
Posted on: 2016-05-03 04:32:00 UTC

"He's from some book called Deprivers. It's basically like X-Men, but everyone's power is to touch someone and take away a sense from them, either for a while or for good. The book does mostly the actual senses, but also has things like 'sense of self' or 'sense of balance' count, too. Riso got one of those weird ones."

Laquisha stopped to bite a chunk out of a hamantaschen. After chewing a few moments, she suddenly swallowed and went on, "Should've mentioned, Riso is also one of the temporary ones. Your sense of humor only goes away a couple hours, but trust me: it sucks more than you might think. HQ's actually not a very fun place to be if you can't find things funny." She shivered. "But Riso's real careful, wears gloves and pants and long sleeves and all. Doing the Rogue thing, speaking of X-Men."

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