Subject: Legendary Badfic Nomination: Starkit's Prophecy
Posted on: 2018-06-06 07:20:00 UTC

To you, my fellow Boarders, I propose a candidate for the Legendary badfic list: "Starkit's Prophecy." This fic is known as the My Immortal badfic of the Warriors fandom. First the criteria:

"The fic must be at least five years old." Research from Snowy and leafeyes confirmed they've heard about this fic as far back as 2010.

"Return a decent number of relevant Google hits from the past year, indicating that people are still talking about it." I did some research and found search results about this fic from the past year, and the first two pages were full. I didn't look further than that.

"Be famous in its own right, not because of the author/sequel/prequel/fanart/whatever." Yes, so much yes. Snowy knows of it, and he's not a Warriors fan, for example. Staying away from this fic was one of the first things I learned when entering the fanfiction of Warriors.

"Be acknowledged as awful by a majority of PPCers with an opinion." When I read this fic in Discord voice chat, everyone agreed it was nothing less than a trollfic. But this criteria, I believe, can be only fulfilled by the acknowledgement of the Board.

(A repost link since the original was taken down:

Some charges: the grammar and spelling is atrocious; there is a horde of mini-Sues; there is a prophecy, and the warrior spirits know that it's about the Sue right away; the Sue has a name that is forbidden by canon; she 's an impossibly good fighter at a young age, a canon character returns from the dead, has uncanonical powers, and is also evil for no reason.

(I am planning to mission this fic regardless of what is decided, and I will stop at the end of chapter four [or this fic's second chapter three.])

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