Subject: Party time!!!!
Posted on: 2008-12-25 02:27:00 UTC

Decorations of red, green, gold and silver covered the walls of one of the medium sized meeting rooms of PPC HQ. Tinsel was draped from every wall and vertical object, banners were tacked onto walls and mistletoe hung in corners and dangled from the ceiling at various points in the room. A large pine tree, complete with a disgruntled looking, purple-haired young man dressed in a fairy costume tied to the top, dominated the centre of the room, festooned with more tinsel, strings of flashing lights and baubles and ornaments of various intricacy scattered across its green boughs.

Ansela sat on the edge of a table covered in party snacks, her legs swinging idly back and forth as she sang along heartily to a popular World One Christmas hit between mouthfuls of food. Another table nearby was covered in Bleep products of all kinds, kept in bottles of varying sizes and fullness. On the wall above and behind her, directly opposite the door, was fastened a banner that proclaimed to all and sundry Merry Christmas or whatever other holiday you celebrate and a Harry New Year!!!!

She checked her list. Decorations up? Check. Food procured? Check. Drinks present? Check. Invitations sent out? Yup, to every Console that she could access. Now she just had to wait for others to show up, then it would be party time!

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