Subject: Delurking... and a real-estate proposal
Posted on: 2019-10-22 11:04:51 UTC


Whoa it's been a while - a year or two since I posted on the Board, and more like 5 years since I was regularly around. Sad as I am to see the old Board go, ~15 years after I first heard about it, I'm glad that we've got a new community.

Howdy to all the new people - I don't suppose many now remember me, but I was a regular here from about 2005 onwards and I'm responsible for the ESAS agents (even though I only ever finished a couple of missions).

And now news: Tolkien's old house in Oxford is for sale!

Only £4,575,000 so a bargain - but if we all chip in I'm sure we can buy it to make it the Official RL Home of the PPC. Sorry New Caledonia!

Elcalion, prodigal

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