Subject: A blast from the past, courtesy of Google.
Posted on: 2019-10-27 13:26:34 UTC

Today's Google Doodle has informed me that Sylvia Plath, author of one of the defining books of my early adolescence, would have been eighty-seven years old today.

Long before I called myself SunAndMoon, back when I wasn't using the Internet for anything but Goodreads and online games, when I was looking to books for answers to the questions I was too embarrassed to ask the adults in my life, I read a book called The Bell Jar. I felt like it understood me. I don't want to bring Serious Business onto this Board, but I feel like if I revisited it today, I would understand it better than I ever did at age thirteen.

Happy birthday, Sylvia. Rest in peace. And thank you.

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