Subject: This is an excellent and detailed post. :)
Posted on: 2019-10-31 19:41:46 UTC

My only additional comment is that 'Tengwar would be very time consuming to cut into stone' is probably not that much of an issue. If it takes a hundred days to create the perfect inscription - so what? They're Eldar. They have the time, and more.

(It may also be worth noting that Latin inscriptions often feature very fine S, D, C and so forth. They also use serifs, rather than just being straight lines cut into the rock. If you have the tools - and the Noldor have both very tough metalwork and high upper body strength - I think even Tengwar inscriptions wouldn't be much of a challenge.)

... also: if the question is what they usually wrote on, then as Elcalion said, the Tengwar were created for ink and brush.


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