Subject: Beta request (MLP G4 and Myst, with Book of D'ni spoilers in this post)
Posted on: 2019-11-01 12:06:27 UTC

I've had these fics waiting for beta for a while now.

One is a poem called "Dinky's Lament", from Dinky's perspective during the Storm King's invasion.

The other is a letter Eedrah writes to someone who doesn't get that one person couldn't change Terahnee's sordid system, nor that he could oppose it and yet still love his kin. Also, do either Texas or New Mexico have unused zip codes? Tadjinar was a few days journey from the Cleft (somewhere in what is now Eddy County, NM) in the days before railroads, and Tadjinar is where the letter is being addressed to.

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