Subject: This post is kind of irrelevant because no one will probably look at it because it says irrelevant
Posted on: 2019-11-11 18:09:46 UTC

I did not know that there was a PPC/ Smash mouth parody. Maybe that was because I only joined 3 years after the parody was posted.

Under the article Things I Am Not Allowed to Do at The PPC, Part X, section 845. I shall not comment on certain people’s singing abilities(I hope I didn’t offend anyone).

Neither am I a trained music critic nor an avid listener of music.

But I like Michael Jackson.

But do not take my word in music. I am not a professional Musician, or wish to become one.

But isn’t a parody a work of art that mocks the original work by exaggerating it?

Hmmm, it says here on the online dictionary that a parody is a work that’s an imitation or closely follows a work.

I guess I’m wrong then. But why aren’t there Sues putting an L on their forehead?

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