Subject: Fill the Plothole (The Original PPC Game)
Posted on: 2019-11-12 13:02:45 UTC

I think it's about time we inaugurate this Board properly, and the only way to do that is to play the very first PPC game: Fill the Plothole!

The game is simple: I post some hand-selected*, silly-sounding fanfic summaries, and whoever is inspired to do so takes one and writes a short story that makes sense of it (and/or draws out the ridiculous). PPC content in the plothole-filling is permitted but not expected, no permission is needed, and yes, you can do the same summary as someone else.

[*On this occasion, summaries were taken from the top 2 fandoms under Books, Movies, and Anime on, plus LotR because Tradition.]

Some previous plothole fillings can be found here if my explanation has been characteristically unclear. And so without further ado:

  1. Strider (Lord of the Rings) - this story is before the fellowship, but after the hobbit. it explains how Aragorn arrived with the rangers and returned to middle earth

  2. Home at last (Harry Potter) - Not everyone is happy that the Dark Lord married Harriet Potter, and some of them want revenge at the cost of innocent lives. Life brings a new change yet again for Tom. Two part mini series. Canon Divergence. Female Harry/Voldemort pairing.

  3. Liar (Twilight) - After finding employment as a live in maid by an extremely upper-class wealthy couple, Isabella is stuck in a tragic loop and can't find her way out.

  4. Creative Excuses (Star Wars) - Summary: Kylo sees the light...It's concentrated on his face, in particular his mouth.

  5. The days we fell in love (Avengers) - Romanogers AU. Natasha meets Steve in a bowling alley where she works. From the moment he saw her, Steve was completely haunted by the woman. (Full summary inside)

  6. Like a River (Naruto) - She didn't ask to be Haruno Sakura, but if she has to deal with being her, then so will everyone else. SI!Sakura. Crack-ish.

  7. Painted togas (Hetalia - Axis Powers) - When the countries that made up the Roman Empire disappear, it's up to Germany to get them back. He isn't alone though because for some unfathomable reason, Romano is joining him. Will they get Italy back? will they find out what is causing this? And will they get along? GerIta with a side of Spamano

(I may or may not fill any of them myself; depends on time/energy.)


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