Subject: Hi.
Posted on: 2019-11-12 13:07:58 UTC

This is palindromordnilap. From what I understand, I am technically not banned so this post should stay up a bit longer than it otherwise would, but this is probably the last time I'll post here.

Anyway, this is about Bram. I saw that she recently tried to post in here, and would like to inform you on what exactly happened with her in the last year or so. Long story short, I tried to reach out to her on Discord. I really tried to help, because I know what it's like to be a mentally ill person who gets ostracized from anywhere they try to build up a social circle on, even and especially for reasons that are absolutely valid. I pointed her to a forum I spent a lot of time on, with a huge section dedicated to mental health and recovery. Unfortunately, I had severely misassessed the situation. She seemed to have some sort of fixation on the PPC, and any attempts at reasoning her were met with complete incomprehension. This is almost certainly the reason she's started calling everyone narcissists since. It eventually came out that she had an alcohol problem. And a big one. And then people started to figure out that a lot of the issues she has could be explained by something called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, which predominantly affects alcoholics. I still have no idea whether this is actually the case, or if she has been trolling everyone all along.

Regardless, we eventually decided that her case was essentially hopeless. The only way to obtain any sort of improvement would have been reaching out to her and her family in real life - not something that is exactly possible. She became the first person to be effectively permanently banned from the Kintsugi forums.

All of this is to say... Don't feel guilty. Stop thinking about how if things had gone differently, maybe you could have found a way to help. It's tragic, but there's nothing any of us could have done.

Bram, if you read this, I'm sorry.

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