Subject: Possible Board game?
Posted on: 2019-11-13 01:21:41 UTC

So, what I was thinking is a month-long Board game that works like this:

  • Each one of us picks a fake handle that we can't recognize each other by.
  • We post regularly for an entire month under our handle and just act naturally.
  • Then someone makes a specific thread, say, half-way through the month, where we Tri-And-Guess who's who. Or maybe it could be at the end of the month, and each one of us posts 1 big guess on who's who on our own with no help from each other.
  • Then at the end, we have the big reveal and see how close we were.
  • No posting under multiple usernames! That's cheating. Cheating is bad. You want to avoid cheating.

So it's like of of those "who's who" things, you know?

Now, I can already see some problems with this: - Weakening of accountability to other Boarders. - Possibility of mods being able to transcend it and see who's who, but maybe they could be excluded from the game. - Possibility of acting - Just people in general not being interested.

Since I don't have time (again), I'm gonna leave it here for now, and you can decide if this game is really the best idea.

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