Subject: Newbie here
Posted on: 2019-12-02 00:30:43 UTC

I'm Kittyauthor, a new person to PPC.

How I found PPC: I was doing late night surfing (It was a Saturday. I didn't have anything that I needed to do the next day!) and was reading fanfiction. After a little while of reading not-so-good fanfic, I got bored and surfed the web for the terms "bad fanfic." I found the page on the wiki on "badfic" and read a good amount of pages on this wiki (I ended up (accidentally) rereading the "Mary Sue" page.) After reading for a while, I decided to join.

I joined the Discord first, forgetting about how it annouces people joining the chat. Whoops.

I prefer she/her pronouns.

What are your fandoms?: Transformers (any), Transformers Rescue Bots What's your favorite spin-off?/Who are your favorite agents? My favourite agent is Trojie. My favorite mission is Leorles (I can't spell names) by laura, especially when the orcs started to actually bet on laura. I laughed out loud on that one. What else do you do for fun?: Besides reading fanfics, I like to draw, write, and figure out math problems in my head.

I've read the FAQ for newbies completely now, but I have read the Constitution completely before this. I shall now go and reread it.

Edit: How could I have forgotten a whole paragraph in the FAQ for newbies? I edited it to include the other questions.

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