Subject: ...I know this should probably be making me feel young...
Posted on: 2020-01-06 13:20:24 UTC

...since I wasn't even really doing much on the internet at all when the PPC was founded (though, oh man, AU where I actually went looking for the Board around 2006 and found it was active and joined...nah, probably for the best that I didn't. I had a lot of fun in my other online communities, and by the time I did become a Boarder, I knew a lot more about writing. And was much more mature, though given how much I rambled, I don't know that it had stuck yet. Seriously, if anyone besides 2019!me was a bit annoyed by my fairly long posts back in 2013, um, sorry. I was very excited and I love to talk, though hopefully I'm not imagining that I've learned to be a little more concise since then.

...oh my G-d, it's my Boardaversary soon. In...about a week. The seventh of them. What.

Uh, right. Tangent over, back to what prompted it...)

Instead, I'm feeling kind of old remembering there are Boarders under twenty. Like, a lot of them. blinks across lawn

On the other hand, on my last birthday my boss asked if he could ask my age, and when I said sure and told him, he cheerfully called me what probably translates to "youngster" (word for "young"+diminutive; I think "youngster" is a fair approximation). Give me a few years and I'll probably share that opinion; it's already a trend, after all, hence this post.

The funny thing is, though, the PPC turning twenty...doesn't really make me boggle too much. I think I got some of that out when people started saying they'd been Boarders for fifteen years (...okay, that part is still a bit boggle-worthy),'s mostly just kind of neat. The PPC has existed for a few years longer than I've known about it. It's still surprisingly active, when I'd thought back in 2013 that it was probably down to just a few people, if that. It's kind of cool that it's still around--with people who were there almost from the beginning, too!--and still striving to be the best parts of what it is. To be perfectly honest, it feels like it's been more than seven years ( has, it's been something like fourteen if my 2006 discovery date is correct. Wow). I never expected to get this involved, but it's been a minor constant for a long time, and I've had some good (and very good) things come out of it. That's...pretty neat.

And now I'm going to squash my inner newbie before I say something embarrassing; yes, I still get that sometimes even almost seven years in with Permission and as a Permission Giver myself. Yikes. Help.

...on the plus side, now I really do feel young! How about that.

~Z, who is going to blame rambling introspection on a headache today. And will now actually take something for it, since it obviously isn't willing to go away fully on its own. Bah.

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