Subject: Wow. Looks like a real doozy. (Also: Anyone remember Marrissa Picard? She's on ff.n!)
Posted on: 2020-01-06 16:38:07 UTC

This Post Part 1: That first chapter. What. {X D Looking just at Sara's actions, I'd think she was being set up to become a villain, luring Harry up to her room with a sob-story and giving him alcohol and trying to seduce him and all. Oh, and then the song that makes boys fall in love with her, which is so not allowed at Hogwarts. (Grumble grumble, singing Sues, bah, hate 'em.) This is not how a protagonist behaves! Not even getting into the whole "Gypsy blood" thing. Good luck with that.

This Post Part 2: I hope you don't mind me co-opting this for a tangent. It might interest you!

Did you know that Stephen Ratliff is on Did you know that, in addition to writing the infamous Marrissa Picard series, he has also written Harry Potter fic?

I discovered this after coming across "Take No Umbridge I: As Umbridge Sees it." (I was looking for Umbridge fic, for reasons. Don't judge me. I've already been scarred for life by some other stuff I found. ._. ) I found it moderately amusing. Not great, definitely not canonical, a little bizarre, but not awful. And then I looked at the user name, went "why does that sound familiar?", and here we are.

This guy is still active! His latest story was updated just last month. This is kind of amazing to me. Dude's part of fanfiction history as far as I'm concerned. It's pretty wild to find someone like that still writing. Seems as though he still has a thing for young characters being handed adult roles, if fifteen-year-old Harry Potter being made DADA professor is any indication. And, like... okay, I guess? Whatever floats your boat? It's not weirder than a lot of YA fiction.

Oh, and all the old Marrissa stories are up on that account, if you want to take a look. Kippur sporked some of them back in the day; surviving links may be found here.


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