Subject: Hypothetical - How to destroy Gary Stumanity
Posted on: 2020-01-08 05:28:24 UTC

So, a term that gets used quite a bit on LotD is "Gary Stumanity", where there is not only one Stu or Sue, but an entire race of them. An example in fiction is the Chakats from a certain series of Star Trek fanfics; but the designation can also describe civilisations rather than species. For example, the Systems Alliance from the Mass Effect AU "Mass Effect: The First War" would you correct the plot continuum in this case? With the Chakats, they're spread out over a entire galaxy, and you'd basically have to wipe out each and every one of them until there were none left. That'd be too risky for the PPC, methinks.

For something like ME:TFW, you'd need to basically kill every named character in that fic who registered as a sue. Which is a lot of them.

The bigger question is...would something like these fics be considered their own seperate works, since the canon is so drastically changed, and the problem is as large as the ones presented?

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