Subject: Tales From The Discord: Even More PPC Citation Needed!
Posted on: 2020-01-13 02:37:12 UTC

Hi everyone! We like to have a laugh around these parts, and I like to host game shows where the points are completely made up and don't matter at all, so courtesy of recording computer smartperson Tomash here is another batch of fun Citation Needed episodes, full of jollity and japes and really weird digressions. They're all NSFW and feature strong language throughout, but that's all part of the fun! =]

Episode 5: F.D.C. Willard and Cat Theology (starring Granz, Neshomeh, and Tomash)

Episode 6: The Phantom Time Hypothesis and Charlemagne's Pizzagate (starring Granz, Neshomeh, and Tomash)

Episode 7: Earring Magic Ken and Gay Bob (starring Iximaz, Neshomeh, Thoth, and Tomash)

You can find the rest of the episodes here, with topics ranging from obscure Danish political figures and the potential King of America to swamp universities and nuclear sheep. We have fun, and on behalf of all the panelists and in my own capacity as hostess, researcher, and Chief Idiot, I hope you enjoy the show. =]

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