Subject: Today is my seventh (!) Boardaversary!
Posted on: 2020-01-13 15:35:07 UTC

I can't believe it either. I just sat down for a minute and started thinking about where I was seven years ago and in the half a year before I went looking for the Board, and it's...very interesting. I've come a long way, and done a lot of things. Not everything that's happened has been good, but...a lot of it has. I'll take it. And keep working toward more good things.

I suppose I could do some serious musing about the PPC of the past seven years. It's a good chunk of time, and a fair bit has happened in it. There is what to reflect upon. Honestly, though, that sounds a bit exhausting, and lengthy, and ultimately unnecessary. There's been good; there's been bad; but that's life, isn't it? At least there's also been a good deal of writing, even if it has almost entirely supplanted my previous fanfic writing. That's okay, though. If it wasn't this, it would probably have been a new fandom.

Friends, if you think I ramble now, this is nothing. Journey back with me to January 13, 2013, when I made my first post and wound up still excitedly babbling in text form at two in the morning. It's been ages since then; hopefully, whatever dignity y'all potentially think I have can withstand a look back to seven years ago when I was some sort of newbie named DawnFire :D

~Z, totally dignified nao.


PPS: /hands around delicious homemade cake, fresh figs, and lemonade/

PPPS: As the record shows, World-Jumper was responsible for getting the agent ball rolling in my head. I don't know if you're still looking in here sometimes, but if you are: thanks a lot :P Because of that one little question of yours, I have an estimated twenty agents and an orchestra's worth of AU Jacqueses! What am I supposed to do with them all?

...well, provide entertainment for this party, I guess. Hit it!

(There is not, (un?)fortunately, an RL orchestra composed entirely of Jacqueses. This one seems to be having a really good time, though, which is definitely in the spirit of an all-Jacques orchestra. There's even dancing!)

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