Subject: Get Creative™
Posted on: 2020-01-16 03:06:55 UTC

(Trademark hS, since he most recently used that answer in another thread.)

Interestingly, one potential approach to this question led to the invention of the ficubus, which you may remember from the Sue-wraith article. With Archir the Emerald, Tungsten Monk and I very clearly had a character replacement on our hands, but we didn't want our characters to kill something that looked like a child, because yuck. That's why we made Archir a mojo-sucking energy parasite with the ability to take an innocent-looking solid form to disguise itself. That way, when the agents made it reveal its true form, it wasn't anything you'd feel sorry for.

But that's just how we dealt with it. Depending on how much of a Sue the kid is, you might try a good ol' puff of logic, or putting them through glitter dialysis, or relocating them somewhere they won't cause problems, or just giving them the time-out they so richly deserve and see if the lesson sticks. The solution to your average bratty Sue kid might well be good parenting!

... Hmm. So, transporting Sues across continua is frowned upon, but now I kind of want to see someone give a kid Sue to the Supernanny. Or possibly Cesar Milan, a la that one South Park episode where he shows up to train Cartman. I think that would be fun. {= D


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