Subject: Pretty sure I've discovered a Mary Sue
Posted on: 2020-01-18 05:39:25 UTC

Here's a Simpsons fic: and I'm pretty sure the protagonist is a Mary Sue but I'm new to the art of Sue-spotting, so could you please give me a hand?

You can read the fic, but if you don't want to, here's a list of reasons why I think she's a Sue:

1.) She's a self insert OC who dimension-hopped from our world.

2.) She's madly in love with a canon (in this case Ned Flanders) and squees over him. Sometimes, he makes her literally pass out.

3.) Homer tips his hat to her and brings her home for dinner within the first few seconds of meeting her and when he does, not even Marge or Lisa questions this.

4.) She describes herself as beautiful/hot/etc heaps of times.

5.) Ned lets her move in with him even after she stalks him.

6.) She made Ned and Edna break up just so she could hook up with Ned.

7.) She pressures Ned into having sex with her but it's not portrayed as wrong and even he enjoys it. (The sex is not shown; the fic is totally SFW).

8.) At least four canons find her hot.

So what do you lot think?

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