Subject: SomeRandomPersonAccount plugs old GameCube games
Posted on: 2020-01-27 12:48:24 UTC

I have recently bought a copy of Rouge Leader on eBay. It’s a very enjoyable game, it reminded me of Star Wars battle pod, an arcade game that I enjoyed when it was around.

You play as Luke Skywalker, and Wedge Antilles, Luke’s other best friend. Missions have a time limit and you have to blow up your targets. They can be Tie fighters, or in the battle of Hoth, AT-STs.

I think that the game has captured the feel of the original trilogy( even though I’ve never watched the trilogy), and the cheat codes are quite a nice addition.

One of my favourite codes is the Car code. You can fly a car and it can fire multiple ion torpedoes. My favourite Starfighter is still the Y Wing. It looks like. a very reliable and powerful Starfighter.

Unfortunately, I was scammed on eBay and I now have to play this great game with a faulty GameCube controller. The analogue stick drift makes Luke walk around, even though I’m not touching anything. And no, I have not mastered the force.

Played on an unmodified Wii.


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