Subject: Story Self-Plug: Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures DC Superhero AU Fanfic
Posted on: 2020-01-28 20:25:32 UTC

Sometimes a bit of writing just falls into place.

Last week, I happened to glance into the Discord at exactly the right moment to scroll up slightly and spot a reference to the PPC version of the superheroes RP AU I'd been involved in developing. I was looking to write something...tempestuous at the time, and, as it turned out, a version of that AU was perfect for it.

Funnily enough, it wound up completely losing the PPC element in the process. Given the most similar version of this AU had only one of my own PPC characters in it (Jacques), and between the AU and the scene most of the characteristics that set him apart from Jack weren't really being showcased, I wound up switching him out for Jack and, well, welcome to a Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures DC superheroes AU fanfic! Who knew?


Currently unbetaed, though I've read it over several times. If you spot anything, do feel free to let me know! (Also, @Brits: is "potato crisps" at all valid? Especially in England/London? Or is it always just "crisps" without the "potato"? Of all things, that's the main one I'm unsure of.)


"Blazing Fury", T-rating (reason and warnings posted on AO3)

Summary: Blaze has gone off the rails. Captain Charisma wants to know why.

Or, in a superhero AU, Jack Harkness wants to know what's up with his friend and superhero partner John Hart.


(Also includes a good three pages of setting notes. Anything past very basic knowledge of how superheroes work is unnecessary; Torchwood/Doctor Who knowledge may be more useful, since there's a fair amount in the notes about how various relationships have changed or been translated over, but should be mostly unnecessary for understanding the actual story. Sarah Jane Adventures knowledge is...pretty much only necessary to know who one background character is)


PS: Wow, we can do really long subject lines now! I actually have space for another word or two up there. Very impressive.

PPS: It's been...kind of a while since I wrote much non-PPC fanfiction. There's been a bit, probably more than I realize off-hand, but not a lot, and even less that's been posted. Hopefully this isn't a bad way to break that trend.

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