Subject: I've read Left Hand and Long Way
Posted on: 2020-02-04 07:35:21 UTC

They're both good books that I'd recommend, but they're rather different in terms of mood.

Left Hand was a rather serious sort of book. I came out of it satisfied with how the plot went and the experience of reading it, but mostly with a bunch of thinking about government and xenophobia and how biology shapes culture and so on. It's a book that's meant to get you thinking about things while still being enjoyable, and it does that. (And I should probably read more of the Hainish Cycle at some point, since I've only done Left Hand and The Dispossesed)

Long Way, on the other hand, was a much lighter book overall. It left me wandering off to AO3 to get more of that multi-species found family fluff. That also might've been a result of some of the less fluffy plot points though. It's got a lot of nice worldbuilding (especially compared to a lot of space opera) and is a fun read that makes some important point but doesn't have that same philosophical bent as Le Guin's works. The sequels are similar - good stuff, makes a point, but it doesn't have that same feeling of contemplative weight.

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