Subject: Just gonna leave my new blog here
Posted on: 2020-02-07 17:57:56 UTC

I've been on-and-off blogging on Tumblr for almost seven years now (oh my... that's like, a lot of years, now that I think about it), and I recently started a new sideblog devoted to retro horror, cult films, genre cinema, and general retro aesthetics. I'm not really into collecting followers on any kind of social media, but I plan on posting some original content on this blog besides reblogging stuff, and right now blogging feels a bit like I'm talking to myself, so I thought I'd share. In case anyone else here is into this kind of stuff.

It's right over here.

Content warning for the sort of things you could expect from a horror blog, although that's not the only thing I post.

Also, I've started on this blog a tag called "babe of the day", where every day - or as often as I can - I'm going to make a post about a female lead or side character in genre cinema, from classic genre movies to absolute schlock. There is no reason for this except that a. I love blogging about women in cinema and b. I'm gay. So for anyone else who shares that with me... enjoy.

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