Subject: Dawn McKenna stood leaning against one of the walls, wine glass in hand.
Posted on: 2020-03-11 21:19:56 UTC

Unusually for her, the wine glass actually contained wine: a light, slightly sweet white that was very slowly being consumed.

She'd come dressed in shades of green and brown this year: dark brown shoes, a long, somewhat fitted dress in lighter and darker shades of green, a dark brown sheer scarf folded and slightly twisted into texture for a sash, and leaves carefully stuck into her long hair, which had been braided and then pinned around her head to form a crown. Even her makeup was green (eye shadow in two shades, plus extra light amber sparkles). For jewelry, she'd chosen amber earrings and a serendipitously leaf-shaped silver ring. The latter clinked lightly against her glass whenever she moved her finger.

For now, she was people-watching, and happy to do so: a little quiet could be nice, and she was enjoying this bit of it. Still, she hardly wanted to stay like this the entire party.

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