Subject: D&D 5E - Mythic Age
Posted on: 2020-03-13 23:20:45 UTC

So the world ended. That was kind of bad. But all of the gods and goddesses got together and decided to rebuild the world, on the condition that they stay out of each other's business. So Earth has been rebuilt from the ashes and now a council of gods and goddesses basically keep watch over all the domains making sure they play nice.

This is a mirror of our Earth where all the myths are true. All the gods and goddesses exist and are active, in varying degrees, in everyday life. The world is connect through Wyrd Stones allowing nearly instantaneous travel between the far reaches of the world. However not everyone can use them. Only a chosen few. Special individuals chosen by the gods and goddesses for some fate. For some it may be revealed, others it may be unknown. But all that is certain is that when the Chosen are gathered Fate has ordained something will happen.

Who you will be playing: One of the Chosen - if you are interested in playing I will eventually need what region of the world you will be from and what deity chose you.

Other notes: There will likely be swearing as I DM so keep that in mind.

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