Subject: A New Young Wizards Fic! (NOT MINE) (NSFW)
Posted on: 2020-03-19 15:38:04 UTC

Me: /spots a new Young Wizards fic on ffnet/ Oho?~ Fic: 'A Wizard in Love' - "Nita had just defeated Aurilelde, and was soaked by the martian princess' water. Kit comes along, and takes notice of how transparent her shirt had become. Their empathic bond lets Nita know how he feels about that, and acts on it." Me: ... (It was requested by an anonymous commissioner, but also WTF? The timeline very much does not line up.)

Taking a look at the author's other fics, this seems to be a theme with them. Anyone want to be the first to see if the fic itself is more palatable than the summary?

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