Subject: Iximaz reviews "Onward"
Posted on: 2020-03-21 13:01:19 UTC

My online D&D group just watched Onward together because it's now available for streaming (and also for free online, yar har mateys) since the film isn't being shown due to theatre shutdowns. And my final thoughts on the film: I am now full-on sobbing.

It was a brilliant film and they did not waste a single second of that movie setting things up—it was tightly paced, gorgeously animated, had a ton of in-jokes for fantasy and tabletop nerds, and it was just such a genuinely heartfelt story about two brothers who are outcasts from society and just want one last chance to meet their deceased father. And you know what?

It. Was. Amazing.

I was hyped from when I first saw the trailers—my two favourite Marvel actors (Tom Holland and Crisp Rat Chris Pratt, plus Pixar, plus one of my favourite settings (high fantasy with a modern era take)?


Sign me the hell up!

And it exceeded my expectations.

They didn't waste a single second of this film and it's just a big love letter to fans of high fantasy, urban fantasy, and tabletop RPG. It hits a lot of familiar story beats while putting its own fresh take on the genre, so while nothing in it is new, per se, it feels very original and you can tell a lot of love went into this movie.

As a film student I can honestly say that this is now my new favourite Pixar film.

If you're interested—or even just need a way to pass the time in lockdown—go watch it. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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