Subject: Releasing a little half-chapter while waiting for World Without Authors chapter 4? Yes!
Posted on: 2020-03-23 22:30:10 UTC

So, since I'm waiting for my new cowriter Aelit to finish catching up with what I've released so far, I've converted a "proof of concept" piece into an actual small chapter as what happens in there is actually in parallel to the main story as of now.

Featuring Keiko's grand entrance in the World iwthout Authors, and that of a new girl who already managed to weird her out and will weird out my main cast even more. And also a giant robot. Because everyone likes giant robots.

(Corolla, shut down the opening of Megas XLR. It's catchy, but the Mobile Suit we've got here is not from there.)

The chapter is available as usual on Wordpress...

But, on Aelit's suggestion, we've also set up a Tumblr for both Blank Sprite and World Without Authors, so you can read and comment on the platform you like best!

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