Subject: It's my birthday! Also I'm back!
Posted on: 2020-03-24 03:22:42 UTC

I realize I've been absent for about a year. The short version is that I left my old family and found a new, better one. I'm picking up the trappings of an old life. I really want this community to be a part of my new life too, so I'm back.

I'm turning 24 today! I celebrated yesterday by marathoning The Lord of the Rings movies, which was a lot of fun. On a tangentially related note, I am going to build a hobbit hole someday. Most of my new family each have their own idea for small, complimentary businesses, and we decided that we will eventually build a very large hobbit hole and run a bed & breakfast, small cafe, book and gift shop, and small farm together. Which is going to be fantastic.

Obviously I still write fanfic, though significantly less than I used to. I also pulled up the notes for my Mission and will probably be continuing that soon, too.

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