Subject: SomeRandomPersonAccount plugs the Predator
Posted on: 2020-04-29 14:32:39 UTC

I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I think that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator is my favourite movie. It’s about Arnold and his team of soldiers rescuing kidnapped diplomats in a jungle, but they encounter the Predator as they try to get back to their base.

It’s not for everyone, since it’s pretty gory and has some body horror( especially the scene they find skinless corpses).

The action scenes are enjoyable, my favourite is this one.

What else do I need to include? Umm, the camera work is great? I did like the relationship between Dillon and Mac. I also liked the fact that the Predator carries a first aid kit, but doesn’t even know what it does. The music, I really don’t know on how to judge music. As long as it sounds good to you I guess it’s fair.

You can watch it on Netflix or on an illegal movie sharing site( please don’t download bootleg movies, they may contain Trojan horses and screw up your computer.)


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