Subject: Plothole Patch, new sporking chapter and Tolkien beta sought after!
Posted on: 2020-05-20 13:20:41 UTC

I don't know if y'all recall this interlude that I've written in the Tolkien-verse, but doctorlit pointed out a nice big plothole in it that I hadn't noticed at the time about pretty much the whole fic having been rendered moot with a few neuralyzers (which had apparently vanished from my memory when I wrote this). I have a few more missions under my belt that I'm hoping to post sometime, so I figured it would be time to polish this story a little so that it would line up with my other ones. Is the plot still contrived? Probably, but it's no longer borderline impossible, I think.

Also: I have an absolutely horrendous Tolkien badfic three-part mission written that I've been hoping to publish now that I have a lot more time on my hands to get back into writing (what with the whole lockdown thing and all). It's seriously one of the worst fics I've ever read, guys - it's got every sexual trigger warning I can think of and then some, and the canon-violation levels are so impressive I was praying for Bleeprin myself by the end of it. It's a Bleepfic, all right. The first part has already been beta'd by Zingenmir, but the other two are still mostly unedited... so if one of our Tolkien nerds with a strong stomach could help me out with another opinion, I'd be most grateful.

Update: since I'm getting back into writing, I'm also picking up my sporking of Tillie Cole's novel Raze again. It's been months, guys, my apologies - but I'll be back with more absurdity and sappy romance very soon. Please enjoy this snippet of sporking until then. (The link has been broken for a while because Dreamwidth kept eating half my post, but it's fixed now, more or less.)

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