Subject: Are Laverne and Shirley (from old sitcom) possessed or is my judgement clouded? [Warning-- self harm
Posted on: 2020-06-08 03:42:52 UTC

First off, I'm biased. I'm in no way homophobic, but I dislike noncanonical pairings (any noncanonical pairings-- so, using Harry Potter as an example, Ron/Draco and Harry/Hermione would be just as bad.)

However, [[ this]] non-explicit Laverne and Shirley slashfic may involve possession. I'm not sure though.

1.) Laverne, who canonically talks tough, now speaks in cutesy-wutesy baby talk.

2.) Shirley now apparently cuts herself for no explained reason behind being casually mentioned to "have some depression and anxiety" but she never otherwise behaves in a depressed or anxiety-ridden manner. Furthermore, Laverne knows it's cutting upon seeing the scars, while canonically, Laverne and Shirley are very clumsy and it wouldn't be unusual at all for Shirley to have gotten a minor injury.

3.) Instead of revealing that they're bisexual, the story claims that both's entire love life has been a lie.

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