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Posted on: 2020-06-29 10:19:04 UTC

Decided to do prompt 1 with a couple of my agent ideas because technically when this happens one of them hasn't cooked in a while. Sorry if it's not that good.

Riley wandered slowly through the corridors, admiring their generic greyness. Following her was her Salamence, who she had recently given the name Avion. It had been a few days since a pair of agents had saved Avion from that binch Tatiana, who thought she could just run off with him and turn him all green and sparkly. Luckily, with the help of a pair of agents, they’d managed to get him back. Now that she had a bit more personality thanks to a culture implant, Riley was excited to start exploring other worlds and save them from more sues. She just needed to find her new partner.

Riley was sure she’d never quite learn how to navigate HQ. The response centres didn’t seem like they were arranged in any sort of order. The fact that she was apparently looking for RC number ei+1made said search even harder. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally made it. She returned Avion to his pokeball, as she had very quickly learned that trying to squeeze a large blue dragon through a doorway that size would not end well.

She knocked on the door, but after a few minutes with no response, she carefully pushed it open. On one side of the room, presumably her partner’s side, there was an incredibly messy bed covered in plushies and cushions. The walls were covered in posters of various characters, presumably from some other shows. Most of the characters seemed rather sinister. Next to the bed was a desk and a chest of drawers that looked like it had been hurriedly stuffed with sheets of paper. The other half of the room was relatively plain and undecorated. Presumably that was where she was going to stay. At the end of the room there was a door to a bathroom and a hole in the wall covered by a curtain.

Riley heard someone pacing up and down in the room behind the curtain. There was also a ticking noise in the background. She headed over to the curtain to introduce herself when the ticking suddenly stopped. There was a ping, then an explosion.

As the smoke cleared, she could make out a figure in the next room holding what looked like a cake. They seemed to have a pair of pointy things on their head. They looked like Skitty ears, but rounder and black. They also seemed to have a tail. The figure seemed to sniff at the cake.

“Yes! This is perfect!” the figure exclaimed, “This cake will be so delicious, so sublime, it will capture the hearts of millions, and finally allow me to take over the world! Fwahahahahaha!”

Riley decided not to interrupt them and stay where she was. Someone had told her that DoGA agents could be a bit unstable at times. She watched as her partner walked across the room. Now that the smoke had cleared a bit more, she could see the room looked like a mix between a kitchen and a science lab. Her partner, who she could now see had longish brown hair and was wearing a labcoat, strode over to a stove.

“Yes! Thanks to my absolute genius, I prepared the chocolate ganache while the cake was in the oven, maximizing my efficiency!” they halted their monologue to laugh again before continuing, “Now, all I need to do is pour it on the cake!”

About half a minute later, the chocolate pouring was complete. Her partner moved the cake to a minifridge that seemed to only be big enough to fit the cake in it.

“Okay, hopefully I can clean this all up before my new partner gets here. At least this time the DIA patrol didn’t bust in here thinking I’m planning to blow up HQ. Wait…”

Her partner seemed to finally notice Riley standing in the other room. She flung the curtain aside dramatically, before eyeing Riley suspiciously.

“You’re not from the DIA, are you? You certainly don’t look like it…”

“No, I don’t even know what that is! I think I’m your new partner?”

“Oh, right! I got so caught up in baking a welcome cake for you I forgot you were coming!”

Her partner’s expression turned from one of suspicion to a friendly smile.

“Agent Melody Smith, pleased to meet you. So, what’s your name?” Melody said, offering her hand for Riley to shake.

“I’m Replied,” Riley replied, shaking Melody’s hand, “Oh, I mean Riley!”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you. Where do you come from?”

“Pokémon. I’m not quite sure where exactly.”

“Oh, cool! Do you have any pokémon?”

Riley responded by sending out Avion.

“Cool! A Salamence! I’ve never seen one up close before!”

Riley and Avion exchanged awkward glances as Melody spent the next minute or so enthusing about how strong it looked and rambled on about taking over the world or something.

“So, where do you come from?” Riley asked.

“Some original story or other. I was in the middle of making a superweapon so I could take over the world, but then it blew up and I ended up here.”

“In your world, does everyone have…” Riley gestured towards Melody’s ears and tail. Melody sighed.

“Yup, I’m a catgirl. No, that wasn’t normal in my home universe,” Melody grumbled, “No one ever takes me seriously! But I’ll show them. I’ll show them what I’m capable of. I’ll make them regret rejecting me! When I’m ruling the world with an iron fist they’ll be the one’s begging for ME to accept them! Fwahahahahaha!”

“Erm, okay…”

“Well then, the cake needs to cool down a bit, so how about I tell you about all my favourite characters from these posters?”

“Yeah, sure-”

“Great! So this one over here is Black Hat from Villainous and his lackeys…”

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