Subject: The Books were my real introduction to the Witcher-verse
Posted on: 2020-07-10 19:50:38 UTC

I mean sure, I've heard about the games and I bought the first one off of GOG but gave up after the tutorial because of the fricking camera and controls.

But back to the books. I love them, like they're one of three series that I'm reading at the moment (currently on Tower of the Swallow) and I'm kind of sad that there's only one more book left in the saga (and interested to see how it all closes). Would thoroughly recommend them to people, both those who've seen the Witcher in other forms or to those who like a gritty fantasy world.

I'd recommend reading both The Last Wish and the Sword of Destiny (the two books with short stories in) before starting on the Witcher Saga itself, they really help set the tone and introduce some of the key characters and events in the world.


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