Subject: Another bleepfic (WARNING: incest, rape)
Posted on: 2020-07-17 04:19:54 UTC

I thought I should add this on, since I'm currently writing a mission on this bleepfic. It's called "The Fires of Sibling Love", and is about incest. That alone would be bad enough, but three of the five chapters include rape, and in one chapter the victim even decides to have a child with her rapist. Said victim is also 13, because the fic really needed to make things worse. On top of that, only one of those cases is actually acknowledged as rape, the other two are treated as being perfectly fine.

In addition, everyone is wildly out of character. Ike, who you may recognize from Smash, has suddenly turned into stereotypical frat boy. Marcia, who is typically kind and caring in canon, is now extremely jealous and catty. Titania, Ike's second in command and team mom for the Greil Mercenaries, is now a total jerk.

Relatedly, the entire fic is ridiculously sexist. The fic goes to great lengths to point out just how great every women mentioned looks, sometimes going into borderline urple prose to do so, but you'll barely see a word of description about men. This description also tends to be laser focused on a few spots in particular, I'm pretty sure you can guess which ones. The fic also insults the women involved for their participation in the fic's activities, while treated the same actions from men as being completely acceptable.

If you're feeling up to reading this fic, you can find it at uggcf://jjj.snasvpgvba.arg/f/4260819/2/Gur-Sverf-bs-Fvoyvat-Ybir (rot13), but it really is NSFW and NSFB, so be careful.

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