Subject: The Thorne Corporation presents: Guess The Boarder!
Posted on: 2020-07-21 00:27:37 UTC

Welcome, one and all, to another game of Guess the Boarder, the game that tests your knowledge of the fine people of the PPC! What's Guess the Boarder, you ask? Well, come on! Surely you've played Guess the Boarder before, right? You mean to tell me that there hasn't been a single Guess The Boarder thread in all the PPC's 19 years of existence? Well, no need to worry, because that ends here!

The rules are simple: One Boarder replies to this thread with an image or series of images chosen to represent a certain Boarder. However, they do not say who that Boarder is. The other Boarders must try to guess which Boarder is being referenced from the images alone. After someone gets it right or a certain amount of time has passed, the original poster reveals which Boarder was being mentioned! Be sure to use spoiler tags for the people who want to figure it out on their own!

Are there any rules? Well, of course there are rules! - First and foremost, like everything else posted to the Board, your collages must follow the community guidelines. Anything not safe for someone or something should be tagged as such. - Secondly, we at the Thorne Corporation believe that the past is best left in the past, and people should not be known by their worst qualities. Therefore, while the use of Boarders who are no longer active is technically allowed (as long as your fellow Boarders will be able to figure it out, that is), the use of Boarders who are currently banned from the PPC is not, and focusing primarily on a Boarder's negative traits when creating your collage is strongly discouraged.

That's it for rules, so what are you waiting for? Create those collages and start guessing Boarders!

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