Subject: To be perfectly honest...
Posted on: 2020-07-26 18:23:01 UTC

Now that you've brought attention to it, I think what happened is that I saw it, was a bit amused, figured I'd leave it for someone else, and now somehow it's only been two weeks, not a month?

/Checks calendar/ What was I doing?

Oh. Right. Busy (TM) work week followed by another full of sudden changes (for the better) and putting other things together and doing big things around the house. Okay. No wonder it feels like it's been a month. Heck, today feels like a day and a half (though I admittedly took a nap after the busiest chunk of it).


I definitely can't promise to go through this today, and possibly not at all, but I'll try to keep it in mind, and maybe in the meantime someone else will have the time/energy/focus to spare for a proper read-through and response?

Good luck,

~Z, possibly rambling a bit

PS: Regarding Scape's comment--I take it you've decided to remain for a while, and had your enthusiasm for PPC writing, etc, renewed? A comment on where you stand now wouldn't go amiss. Thanks.

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