Subject: Renewing fanfic beta requests, with new ones added
Posted on: 2020-07-29 13:01:42 UTC

In addition to the Myst fic which is a letter from Eedrah to a college professor at the University of Texas in Tadjinar† and the poem that is the G4 My Little Pony movie from Dinky Hooves' perspective, I also have a few Square One fics that involve Mathman dealing with polynomials in what is presumably a harder game mod(e). I will want to make extra sure the math is correct, and my typing accuracy has gone down since I downloaded the ЙЦУКЕН keyboard--I sometimes have muscle memory issues when I've just switched between that and the QWERTY.

†A town in Book of Ti'ana. When the people at CyanWorlds retconned the location of D'ni to an unexplored part of the Carlsbad system, that change automatically relocated Tadjinar into Texas or New Mexico and changed the pronunciation to "tahd-khee-NAHR" (with an irregular Spanish J before a front vowel).

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