Subject: I have a review blog!
Posted on: 2020-08-01 12:59:06 UTC

I like to talk about stuff I've read and seen, and since I'm a bit of a film and literature nerd, sometimes I like to go for the lesser-known side of the spectrum. I'm a pretty on-and-off writer overall, but lately reading the fantastic, thoughtful and smart horror literature blog Too Much Horror Fiction (which I very much recommend to horror fans!) has really renewed my interest in blogging, so... yeah. New blog.

You can find it here, if you wish to take a look; so far I've reviewed Lovecraft and claymation, a very rare collector's item of a movie novelization, and a Gothic novel that... er... I had some opinions about. I know the title is lackluster, but this is a pretty new blog (it's about two weeks old, give or take), and I've always been bad at titles. Here's to hoping I'll find a better one in the future.

Enjoy, I guess?

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