Subject: Hurray!
Posted on: 2020-08-04 16:12:20 UTC

I'm glad it worked, especially since I was putting in a bit of effort re: Buffy's narration sounding a little like her.

Yeah, he's kind of stepped into Angel's role (to a point, and for now). The funny thing is, when I first rewatched the scene, my immediate thought was a lot of Angel's dialogue could actually come out of Jack's mouth pretty easily--it'd just be delivered differently! More quippy.

Of course, they're different people, with slightly different motivations here, and, well, Jack isn't a broodily tormented souled vampire knocked a little off-balance by his first meeting with...well, to be honest, I'm not even sure he's met any Slayers before? I went through the wiki page, but there's no mention of anything but him (as Angelus) trying to scare Spike with the mention of the Slayer (whereupon Spike learns something new and becomes obsessed enough to challenge and kill two). At any rate, between that and having apparently already kind of fallen for her (so sayeth the wiki!), Angel's reactions don't quite make sense for Jack, so between that and everything else ( know, wanting to write something different), keeping the dialogue almost identical wouldn't make sense. Ultimately, though, he's there to deliver roughly the same message. I mostly just kept the marking of the scene, and a line or two, mostly from Buffy, I think.

The different necklace! It just...made more sense to me. Why would Jack just happen to pick up the exact same necklace Angel would have? Since behind the scenes he's run into Slayers before, odds are it belonged to one of them first, or else to someone else he was close to, and he's been holding onto it for a while. Buffy's the last Slayer before the Doctor comes back ("the century will turn twice before you see him again"; he's waiting for the year 2000, whereupon he'll run back to Cardiff and start feeling really torn between needing to find the Doctor again and the connections he's made most recently), so it's time to pass it on. I wound up finding a picture because, uh, I know very little about slightly older designs for cross necklaces, and didn't want to write something wildly inaccurate. After a bit of looking through image results of sleek, modern ones, ornate pearl/diamond encrusted Edwardian ones, and ones that were just really plain and not what I was trying to get at, I found this one. It's artistically pleasant, older, and doesn't seem too far off Buffy's style, so I went with it.

Aaanyway. Glad you liked it! Funnily enough, you mention season 5--assuming the timeline works the way I think it might, the eventual follow-up to this scene will probably be set then.

~Z, rambling somewhat, but hopefully interestingly. Ironically, I'm in a little bit of a rush and tried to write this quickly.

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