Subject: My poisons in video games have been Celeste and Stellaris
Posted on: 2020-08-14 01:30:33 UTC

I highly recommend Celeste, having beaten the main story lately. On top of the rather moving story and nice soundtrack, the game is hard in a very rewarding way - even if you're dying a bunch, it feels like you're learning something and getting somewhere (and you usually have a good sense of what went wrong). In the rare cases it's being too hard, taking a break or hitting up YouTube for a spoiler on potential routs will generally do it.

Stellaris is, well, Stellaris. It's Civ but more so - in space. You make your empire great through expansion, peace, and diplomacy ... or just trying to kill anyone around you who won't put up too much of a fight, your call. It's very much got the "just a bit more" gameplay loop Civ is famous for, and, unlike most Paradox games, you have a time to get your footing before you have to learn how wars work.

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