Subject: How 'bout a Flash Fiction Challenge?
Posted on: 2020-08-15 13:21:52 UTC

I think I've unlocked the gate to writer's Nirvana just yesterday. My writing has felt so limp and uninspired lately, so I figured I'd take out some old writings and retool them a bit until my inspiration returns. One poem crafted into a 250-word story later, it came back.

I found myself absolutely in love with flash fiction, short little vignettes that are punchy and to the point, that in two days I've written like, five of them. I really want to keep up the momentum and it's genuinely a lot of fun, so I figured, why not make it into a game with others?

Here are the rules I came up with for a potential challenge:

  1. For one month, write a short story every day.
  2. It can be prose poetry, it doesn't have to have a plot, it can be any genre and any style. It just has to make some loose sense as a story. The idea would be to challenge yourself and try out new styles and new concepts, but I'm not putting any limits or requirements on what y'all would like to write.
  3. Length is 250 words minimum and 500 words at most.
  4. We don't have to share what we write every day, or even post it anywhere publicly; just an occasional progress update would do. We could of course share stuff if we so wish, stories, ideas, or just opinions on the writings we've crafted during the challenge.

How does this sound? Would any of y'all like to play? If we get at least two players aside from myself, I'd like to announce that the challenge is on.

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