Subject: Looking for a couple beta reads! (Non-PPC)
Posted on: 2020-09-07 18:55:04 UTC


I've been working on a short story for the last couple weeks, and I'd love to get some fresh perspectives on it: I'm at the stage of making sure I've explained things enough that the ending makes sense, and I'm much too familiar with the story and the concepts beneath it to see it with fresh eyes. So, I'm asking a few of you smart writerly types for one read-through and a discussion / couple questions after.

I'm not at the point of wanting copy editing, I've made a couple passes there already and now I want to make sure I have the right paragraphs before I worry more about having the right words.

The story's an urban fantasy with strong speculative themes: a big part of the story is working out what the story's about, beyond the existence of magic as a whole. Content warning for fire imagery, self-inflicted injury, mention of suicide. Death and violence are the problem, not the solution, in the narrative. Previous readers have described it as "delicious" and "this feels like something big that I’m only seeing the tip of" and "a real throwing knife of a story."

You know the drill. Toss me a line via email ( ) or Discord ( Delta#1353 ), and I will send links and my gratitude!

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