Subject: That's so cool
Posted on: 2020-09-15 08:21:20 UTC

I'm going to be honest - my first thought when I read the article was "Venus is alive". Imagine a whole living planet. I can see the sci-fi book now - my first instinct would be a horror novel, following our intrepid explorers as they attempt to find the source of life on Venus only to realize that the planet itself is alive... and it wants them gone. Or maybe it's curious, and it wants to keep them or study them for its own purposes. (We named our planets after gods, we never considered that they might really be gods.) Heck, you could even take a Lovecraftian spin on it, make the planet a Great Old One or something similar.

Either way, that's amazing! It's always super exciting to me when the space dudes find new stuff.

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