Subject: book plug: Painter of the Dead by Catherine Butzen!
Posted on: 2020-10-06 02:58:48 UTC

So there's a book coming out tomorrow that I therefore haven't read yet, but I'm plugging it anyway?

(Link mentions suicide, but not really because he gets better.) Painter of the Dead is a paranormal romance mystery set in a history museum, with Egyptology and mummies and curses! And . . . canopic jars? Maybe? (I think a link is going to pop up under the description once it becomes available. If not, I'll find a link and edit it in tomorrow.)

Oh, and the author has requested that, if we ever find typos in this universe, they become mini-clay golems. Because the main reason I'm plugging her work is that she's a former Boarder. : )

—doctorlit, supporting our fellows!

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