Subject: Update
Posted on: 2020-10-15 13:16:24 UTC

Though I've already changed things so Suggs is trying to play the theme songs of the various shows, and it's the Muppaphones who adapt "We're Gonna Make You Sorry" to their situation as they belabor him about the head. And having just learned what "Баба́х" means in Russian† I've also got a gag with Crazy Harry planned for Rowlf and/or the OC guest star‡,

Hmm... Does it count as a songfic if the songs are being sung by characters onstage? I'm probably not going to be able to upload it to the Pit anyway, as the script format is likely to work better, but you never know.

† "Kaboom".

‡ Fictional guest stars are a thing on the show; e.g. Angus McGonagle, Marvel the Magician, etc.

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