Subject: Hmm.
Posted on: 2020-10-20 23:41:05 UTC

First, I haven't greeted you yet, so welcome! Popping in to ask questions occasionally is great.

This is an interesting one. Personally, I think I'd place it in the same category as "don't like, don't read" and ignore it if the fic was bad enough to spork. Our general stance is that, if you're going to post your work where the entire Internet can see it, you're implicitly accepting that your work is eligible for review/critique, just like everyone else's, and that not every response will necessarily be positive. If you don't want your work to be subject to the opinions of all and sundry, the thing to do is post it to a private community. It's not reasonable to both ask for the same amount of attention as other works in full view and try to pick and choose what kind of attention you get.

But, that's just my crotchety oldbie opinion. Others may think differently!

For reference, the main things we typically give a pass, even if they're on public platforms, are gift-fics/prompt fics that are done specifically to please someone else, and fics that heavily feature religious themes. We may choose not to spork fics for reasons of individual discretion, too.

ETA: Also, I think it goes without saying that people don't want their writing sporked (at least until they've gotten some distance from it). The thing is, the best way to avoid a sporking from us is simply to put in the bare minimum of effort to check your spelling and your facts before you post. PPC missions are ideally funny, so fics that don't have that element of "so bad it's funny" or WTF, which tends to result from carelessness, don't tend to get missioned. Unless they're downright offensive. See: most if not all Legendary Badfics, most of which are also trollfic. So, y'know, try not to be downright offensive, and don't be a troll. That's always a good plan. {= )


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