Subject: Don’t know the other fandom
Posted on: 2020-12-28 00:44:06 UTC

‘Fraid I don’t know the other fandom; I don’t watch anime or read manga, so any possible future missions in those continuums is out. I mean, I could beta? I was (and still am) a massive Potterhead, so I could probably point out mistakes there.

Edit: Storming Damnation, I’ve already spotted a bunch of mistakes in the Potterverse part, and I’m two chapters in. They’ve got Olivander out of character, not to mention he doesn’t sell wands with a core of veela hair. .grumbles This fic needs to go down.

Edit 2: Yeah, I’m helping as soon as I get Permission. You do not mess around with the Potters and get away with it.

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